Adults’ Ele Mindfulness

The focus of all Jessica’s work is to promote Mindfulness in both young people and adults through her book, show & workshops.

Jessica runs ‘Mindfulness’ workshops every Tuesday morning & Friday Evenings.

They are 90 minutes long & involve numbers of different Mindfulness techniques as well as animal totems. Please contact her for more information.

“Definition of Mindfulness: The state or quality of being Mindful or aware of something. A psychological technique in which one focuses one’s full attention only on the present, experiencing thoughts, feelings & sensations but not judging them. This process can reduce stress & pain.”

Inner journeying has been a life-long passion for me. As a child, I would happily close my eyes & jump into any inner world. This type of work is also readily used in the performance world & as an actor I would happily step into the imaginary world of a character, scene or another time in history. So when I was introduced to the Animal of My Heart at a session of Deep Imagery it was as if I’d come home!

Since then I journey with my inner animal totems each day, learning so much about myself with them as my guides.

Jessica Clements met her elephant in a session of the Personal Totem Pole Process by Stephen Gallegos. Further information about his work can be found here.

Workshops: please contact Jessica for more information

Tues Mindfulness WorkshopOnline/zoom25.04,202310am1.5 hoursFree
Mindfulness WorkshopGrand Junction WAES26.04.202312 noon1.5 hoursFree
Evening Mindfulness WorkshopOnline/zoom27.04.20238pm1.5 hours £10
Monthly Animal of Your Heart w/sOnline/zoomTBA7pm1 hourFree